About Ms. Inconsistent

Inconsistent, as google defines it, not being the same throughout..

I am inconsistent, although i dont intend to be, i could not find myself being the same person as i was and even before the last person i knew i was. If you have to know, I have been from overly emo pessimist to giddy high hopes optimist. I have been high strung rebellious to calm goody shoes obedient…

As to why i am inconsistent… i have no reason, “ITS ME”, thats how i felt. I have changed personality so many times that I believed that that is really who i am…

Everytime someone would say I am inconsistent, I never really cared. For me, It is not as negative as people would usually perceive… But finally somebody is nice enough to tell me why. She says that i am inconsistent because i don’t know who I really want to be, and what i really want in life… Hands down, i have to agree.

At so many points in my life, i thought i knew my purpose and what I want to do, but after awhile, I let go because suddenly I felt like maybe its not after all… funny right? or more like annoying, frustrating, and what the rest of the world feels about my type.

Ms. Inconsistent… i cant promise if i can totally get rid of you, but I do hope we find the things we need to look for and keep it til the rest of our lives.


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