Dear Ms Inconsistent

Dear Self,

Today is going to be the last day you’ll feel like crap…

Now I can not promise a smooth sail, you may even think you feel and look worse during the next days, but the important thing is to do it right, to give your best and always move forward.

Do not be disheartened or discouraged… although we both tried over and over to get this in control, discouragements and disappointments seems to be our greatest enemy. Lets change that and try to see things differently this time.

No matter how things seem hopeless and bad, remember to keep going… because it is the one thing we have not tried before; to keep going and be consistent *fingers crossed*

I know you did not choose this, it is a commitment we never really agreed on… I know that even if you say you’ve accepted it, how you live your life seems to say otherwise. Take care of yourself and you may be surprised how fun it will be in the end. You may be restricting yourself too much now, but it will get better as we go and do better. Please believe in that. Being hopeful can really go a long way.

I know you tend to expect too much from yourself. But do not rush, no goal is realized over night or days or even weeks. Baby steps. One thing at a time. Let us both be patient and just keep going. Seek help if we must, listen and keep an open mind.

No matter what, as long as we give our best. It is enough. You’re OK, we’re OK… everything is gonna be OK.


PS. Do not try to do it perfectly because it will never be… We are humans, we make mistakes. Expect ups and downs. And sometimes your numbers won’t make sense all the time. Do not try to be perfect. I do not believe there is a perfect Juvie Diabetic.