First Post: About… today

What better way to start a blog than just talk about today?

Here I am, sitting alone in my room, a bit of gloom, humidity and rain in the weather (but maybe that’s probably my mood), facing WordPress for the first time, thinking of what words to write…

I used to blog… but I do it for other people, meaning, i seek attention using my blogs. That was a very long time ago though. I am not really sure why I stopped, maybe because I lacked time, maybe because no one really reads them, or maybe writing wasn’t in me anymore. So why now? why am I starting again? First off, I have nothing else better to do, Second, my elder sister suggested it… she may have thought I have a story worth telling and something good may come out of it, Third… to find an outlet, something to let my thoughts out instead of always keeping them in.

I have not decided yet if I want the people I know to read what I will be writing here… maybe soon. But right now, I am not ready. I am not the person they used to know. I am not the person I used to know. And the reality is, i am still nowhere near to finding it. Talk about identity crisis… this is why I am not ready yet to let my acquaintances, friends, and family to know about this, because i do not think it is wise for me to hear who they think I am and I am not, what they think I should do and should not do.

If I am to know who I really am, I should stop listening to others opinion on who THEY think I am… and start listening to myself. Listen to what I really want to do, what really makes me happy, what my life really means. Be honest with myself, and stop seeking approval of others, but instead seek approval of my God and myself. This is my first step..